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Hi @Firebug85, your post sounds like you’re driving my car. This is what our experiences look like. And that’s also not unlike what I’ve heard from the Service department, who were completely unconcerned about the brake issues with the 2020.

I can’t remember what mileage we have on it now since we addressed the brakes, but we have been very kind to the pads and rotors so far. So far so good, but that’s how it’s been early every time. We also haven’t had any dramatic, emergency braking situations. However, like you, we move up and down the hills between MD and WV. In my experience with this, I find it strange that a car company that trades in building vehicles in the outdoors and the outdoor community doesn’t seem to produce braking equipment intended to be driven in such conditions. Not speaking in general here – just my impression. We like the car a little aside these issues.

I envy your snow. Our Mid-Atlantic ski season was tough.

Thank you so much for noting the 1 year warranty! I will definitely look into this, if necessary. Beyond that, I’m looking at solid aftermarket components as I wait and hope I have better luck there.

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