brake rotors and sparks in a 2019 CPO Ascent Limited



Hi guys, I just wanted to check on the site; I’m pretty concerned that every time I get the car to service for the oil change, there’s an issue with the brakes!!! Now, after having it for almost 20K miles, they say the front rotors need replacement!! Ive been a user in Costa Rica for almost 25 years of Subaru and never have had such tremendous issues that these cars have here in the USA.
Is it common to change the rotors every 20,000 miles?

Also, I bought this car as a CPO from Ramsey in NJ, and now after 20K, they said the sparks needed to change, and when I asked, they told me it was every 50-60K, so I’m assuming that if the car was a CPO, it should have come with brand new spark plugs. Or is it all this very good marketing with poor delivery?

Should this be a red flag to begin looking for another brand?

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