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I am a complete newbie to camping and recently decided to rent a travel trailer. I already have a Draw-tite hitch receiver with a tongue weight of 750lbs. I ordered it from (Draw-Tite Class 3 Hitch – Draw-Tite 76253) and got E&H Hitch here in Vancouver to install it for me. This is the preface.

Sadly, that’s marketing nonsense. Your tongue weight is always the lowest of the ratings, meaning 500 pounds.

I’d return the DrawTite, as it does not attach properly to the Ascent and does not come with a proper electrical hookup for 4 and 7 pin connectors.

The OEM hitch is:

  • The only one that integrates properly into the Ascent’s frame rails.
  • The only one that’s third row crash tested to meet the Ascent’s third row crash test requirements.
  • The only one that comes with 4 pin and 7 pin harnesses, and the brake controller pigtail.

It’s Part Number L101SXC005

Take a look at this pic. Left side (and the big washers on the bottom middle) is OEM hardware. Right side is what all of the aftermarket hardware looks like. Check out the penny in the pic for a size comparison. And the really important thing to know is those little aftermarket bolts attach to the crash beam nuts – the crash beam nuts are NOT in a part of the Ascent designed to be used to mount a tow hitch or to tow with.

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If you want to save money on labor, it’s an easy DIY install, and well worth it.

The two big beefy bars in the second image are the bars that go inside your Ascent’s frame rails and bolt into the frame rails. OEM is the only hitch that properly integrates into the Ascent frame rails.

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