Black Dress Restorer, Black Plastic. Review all summer long.

I am attempting a semi-long term review of a product.

It’s Memorial Day and the start of my OCD detailing season. I’ll start a test review now, then finish it on Labor Day. I will post again on progress in spring 2024.

I found a product with good reviews, like a black plastic restorer. This is not a simple clothing product. This is something you use when the cut is bad enough that clothing no longer works.

Restore faded black plastic car trim | That Black Thing

This is an acrylic based paint product that will paint the plastic back to black.

First off, this is a 2020 Subaru Outback that was purchased in 2019. All wear has seen 303 wears, 3 times a year since new. Going into the 4th year of ownership. The fading of the cut was not far enough to need a restoration, but I have some time and motivation to try the product and post some results.

Here is the beginning.

It’s starting to show some age. 303 on its own would have been enough to cover most of the fade. Note the “factory feature” tape lines around the edges, where the UV coating was missed during the factory paint. The Subaru Genuine Accessories bumper is starting to show some gray.

I will only show the rear bumper for proof. It sees the most sun in the driveway, and is probably the worst part of the car. Also, the controversial plastic bumper guard is also there. Might as well include it in the test. I’ll do from left to right, That Black stuff (TBS), Control slot (no product), 303 only slot, and TBS with 303 tip. I’ll tag the pic later in the thread.

When I bought the TBS bottle it was $20 for a 3.25oz bottle. You don’t get a lot of products. I suggest you find a set of generic wax pads at your local auto parts store and cut the pads into quarters. The pads absorb a lot of product. You don’t get much product to begin with, so don’t waste it. After doing the rear bumper, I wish I had a 1/2″ cut paint brush thrown away. That would have helped.
Buy good painters tape and use it. Whatever this stuff touches, the ink binds WAY! If you don’t want it to turn black, better mask it! Things will immediately bond with the vehicle’s paint. It will also immediately bond to the plastic lens. Keep isopropal alcohol and a rag handy if you make an oops. You need to fix it quickly. Wear gloves!
***cut to second post. Press the maximum photo filter.

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