Best A/T Tire for OBW ?

Good tires made for the application are important.

Wide tires are overrated and mostly about vanity on a street vehicle and most offroad vehicles with a few extreme applications that aren’t really a Subaru thing.

Stock size is superior in all the conditions where accidents and traction are at play.

Going wider means you will have worse wet weather and snow performance. This is where car wrecks and getting stuck occur at overwhelming rates.

Once went from stock 235’s to 245’s on my Mustang.

A long trip in heavy rain cured that stupid idea once and for all.

Mustang now rides on stock size Continental Extreme Contact DWS 6+. Best rain performance I ever found.

Although it looks like it will never rain again in Houston, months ago when we had our common torrential downpours with deep pools of water on our moon crater highways, an oblivious woman pulled into my lane without checking her passenger window. I was driving the Outback that day and the Subaru held tight with only a slight controllable fish tail during a dramatic evasive action right where the highway was extremely rough and the dips held deep pools of water. Not sure the Mustang would have taken that combination as well even with the DWS 6+.

Bottom line, save trouble and get good tires stock size. Some good all terraind or trail tires and dedicated winter tires sounds like a great combination. If you want to spend some money, offset the weight of those all terrains with some lightweight Enkeis.

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