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Bought a Touring XT Oct 2022, didn’t drive it much at first but did some ~200 mile ski trips with the big snow in CA this year. Total 3,250 miles now (also had first 6 month service in February).

I last drove it on March 26th (engine was on for 200 miles, we changed drivers once).

Today I find out that the car battery is 100% dead.

Gained access with the emergency key and started charging in place, then had to fight off the alarm system. Finally managed to turn it off although it was clicking loudly as it tried to beep. I notice it managed to email me on Starlink a few times… The car was still clicking and beeping weirdly so gave up and removed the battery to charge it separately.

I know about the GEN 6 Battery Powerthread I guess I was just surprised that this garbage happened to me.

Time to fight the merchant.

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