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We are waiting for the delivery of our Touring Ascent and are selling our 2010 Limited AWD Sienna. When our five grandchildren were young the van was very accommodating when we made trips in the summer with all of the kids. Lots of room. The run flat tires are a real downer. Even though you are supposed to be able drive fifty or so miles on flat tire… after patching a flat tire they are never ate the same. Several times after a flat we ended up buying a new tire. We were considering the purchase of a 2019 Sienna and decided against it. We are banking that the Ascent will receive the highest rating from the IIHS just like the Outback. We are very much looking forward to the EyeSight features.

I have lived with EyeSight for 3 years now, and I have come to love it. The Sienna I test drove today had the adaptive cruise control (I think they all do now) and it was pretty good, but I think EyeSight is better.

After test driving the Sienna and having my wife look into pros and cons of the minivan, we have come to the conclusion that the downsides (the run flats being the biggest, followed by fuel economy) are outweighed by the upsides (interior volume being the most significant). Looks like we are headed down minivan road.

Here are a few eye popping numbers that helped make the decision:

Sienna has nearly twice the cargo volume behind the third row compared to Ascent. (39 vs 17.8 cf)
Sienna has more cargo with the third row folded than Ascent with both rows folded. (87 vs 86.5 cf)
Sienna can fit full sheets of drywall/plywood in the cargo compartment (tailgate closed)
The exterior dimensions of the Sienna are *nearly identical* to the CX-9
Sienna: 200″ L x 78″ W x 69-71″ H (cavernous inside)
CX-9: 199″ L x 78″ W x 69″ H (cramped inside)

Another huge feature that convinced us was the sliding doors. Anyone with kids understands this, or will soon.

Upon reflection, I think that the crossover segment has worked so hard to be the un-minivan, that it has hobbled itself in some ways. What distinguishes a minivan? Sliding doors, shorter sloping hood…so crossovers avoid these great practical features. Oh, well, I guess.

Another thing I came to know with all of the test drives is that I really like our 2016 outback (which is what I will inherit), so I’m thrilled about that.

Now I just need to determine how to get the best deal…I have no time pressure and don’t need financing. Any suggestions?

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