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@GogglePnw 2020 Ascent Limited since January (about 12300 miles). I had many surprises. Of course, some people here claim that the issues are normal or not, but I have my doubts

1) High RPM going up hill (not even that steep). It will come back down, but still, strange.

2) an occasional “thunk”. It might be the torque converter, it might not

3) shaking from time to time. very rare and completely random. Sometimes so much that I’m not sure if I’m hitting a rumble strip or something

4) a single “chirp” when passing from the rear to the car

Now, am I worried about any of this? Not at all. SoA is a great company and will honor their 100k CVT warranty. I’ve learned not to stress about things like that with them. If this was a Dodge or Chevy…well that’s another story

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