Are all major past issues fixed?

I’m about to place an order for a 2024 Outback, and I have a question that might be dumb, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

In researching this make/model, I have learned that Subaru has had some major problems in the past, from blown head gaskets, to catastrophic CVT failure, to excessive oil wear and/or leaks, to cracked windows, parasitic discharge of the battery, etc. I know there have been some class action lawsuits recently over some of these issues. I heard they fixed the head gasket problem and “maybe” the CVT issues some time ago. Can I assume all these major issues have been addressed and fixed by Subaru?

It’s interesting to me that Subaru has such a strong reputation for reliability when they’ve had such a problematic history. Toyota has an even stronger reputation for reliability, but I’m sure the RAV4 has issues too. And I understand that Subaru has an extremely loyal following. I’m not there yet. I just like a vehicle with lots of cargo space that drives like a car, not a truck. I really miss the station wagons!

Anyway, thanks for your input. If it has any bearing on my question, I live in Florida so I have no cold weather or steep/broken terrain to worry about. However, I will use the conditioner all the time.

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