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🤞😣 I can’t wait to watch!
Considering even if you bought whatever you were looking at from the Rock, it was probably made in China, even in the same factory and just rebranded…
I bought the Ultra Power sway bar links, Moog bushings and an Ultra Power oil separator plate from Rock. The only thing that wasn’t made in China was the Moog, and they were made in Vietnam.
After that I ordered a set of mounts that were openly stated to be made in China, from a seller who I’m pretty sure was Chinese himself, since the whole set was <$100. (721.02 Chinese yuan).
I don’t know where Subaru makes their parts, but since my 3 year old aftermarket Carquest axles installed by my shop have failed, one in the first year, I’m on a mission to find a pair of OEM fronts now. I think I still have my original backs.
I think the worst that can happen is that you spend countless amounts of time and money trying to buy a product made elsewhere, for whatever reason you have, and have no choice.

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