5th Gen – CVT Fluid never changed 115K mileage, just discovered the vital fluid vs. oil change drama with the dealers.

So I found out that the dealer who sold me a certified Subaru never changed the CVT transmission fluid because its vital fluid.
A few vendors have called and even AAmaco.

2015 Premier Outback. The car is well maintained and has no traction. As a youngster, but my driving habits are changing the way it used to be because more stop and go traffic and will start towing.

1) Aamco says don’t touch it at this point.
2) A dealer, says if I change they would put a note or something that I changed due to longevity and against recommendations. Not sure it would void any warranty.
They explained that there is sticky stuff on the gears that can wash off and mess up the gears.

4) A dealer would change for 395 plus tx. It says Must be programmed.

So I’m new to the diy cvt transmission fluid scene.

I would like to do a drain and fill. We watched some tube videos on how to do it.
Even considering the removed pan the scene was replaced.

Anyone had success with replacing the bottom panel and screen?

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