4-digit map activation code

Hello to everyone!

I have an accent 2021 and my GPS map didn’t work, I updated it via Usb port without problems (I did the whole process), Starlink restarted and everything was normal, but I will see if I could already see the map in the Starlink app and it continued with the same problem… I didn’t see anything. There I heard about hidden menus and went first to start + two right clicks… Enter this menu… Then enter the following hidden menu… Start + six right clicks and enter the second hidden menu… There I disabled the option to show maps to restart everything… And chan! It asks me to activate the screen for a 4 digit code… Does anyone know what this code is? Does anyone have or have the same thing happen to them? I already did a factory reset… But it still won’t let me view the maps. Thanks guys for your help in advance.

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