2024 Outback Touring: What exaclty is included in “Appearance Package”

It’s just dealer crap added on. Very typical if you don’t pay attention, and negotiate it out. Some dealers at least have the decency to add something actually useful, like tint. You probably got like $50 worth of an extra year of Starlink (3 years is standard). I declined to pay $99 for those 3 years of Starlink (it’s always included with all other brands), and it was included anyway, just like I knew it would. I haven’t even set it up on the car, and probably won’t. But I think it’s needed for the map updates, which I already did. Anyway, you basically overpaid by $1,800. Hopefully you got a discount from MSRP. I paid MSRP while others got discounts, but where I live these things fly off the shelves, so didn’t have that luxury myself. Next time you’ll know what to look for:). Enjoy your new OB.

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