2023 Touring XT – “Visual Impaired Control Manual” with Start Interruption

Hello guys,

I’m seeing some strange behavior in my new 2023 Touring XT (two weeks, 365 miles). I start my car and get a message on the gauge cluster that says “Manual Handicapped Vision Control”. It goes away as soon as I start to pull out of my garage (like when the car moves 2-3 feet). This has happened 5 or 6 times, and each time before has been on initial startup and on cold mornings. However, today was different. This was my third ride of the day (one 30 minute drive and one 10 minutes earlier in the day), and the car was at operating temperature with the ambient temperature maybe around 50F. I’m at a loss here and was hoping one of you had seen this and could provide a simple explanation (like due to parking too close to the wall on the passenger side) before I wasted time at the dealership.

I’m also adding a video of the problem resolving itself once I pull back. As you can see, the proximity sensor is warning me that I’m close to the passenger side wall/garage door opening (even though I have a good 3-4 inches between the car and the opening) and I always turn the wheel to making sure I can pull out without hitting the mirror (you can see me turning the wheel in the video). Once the car has moved 2-3 feet, the problem is resolved and the warning goes off.

IMGUR video

Thanks in advance for any help.

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