2023 Outback Onyx XT headlights in place

Here is the response I got from subaru customer service:
“I’m sorry for the bad experience with your lights.
As the retailer said, these features are the “new normal” for all vehicle brands. I wish we could change that for you. I will share your feedback with the vehicle designers. I wish I had better news for you, but I appreciate your time. “

So yeah, they’re more concerned with meeting specs than what an actual human driving the car might see.

I took some pictures so you can see them all. The first (headlights.jpg) is a ’23 outback (premium 2.5l if that matters), the second (headlights-2) is my wife’s ’06 VW Jetta. Both “low” beams, same location, same camera settings (ISO 1600 f2.8 @1/20 sec.) I had to calibrate the camera outside the subaru because otherwise the picture was completely washed out. It is a flat area that runs into a hill.

Before anyone says my lights are too low, at this height I constantly have people flashing their lights at me because my lights are shining in their eyes.

Of course, the subaru lights are much brighter, but that’s kind of the problem! I can actually see significantly below the road vision in the jetta, and above as well, (it’s even better than the picture shows because your eyes adjust). And, I am not in complete darkness beyond the hard edge of light. Especially in the snow, it’s like I’m blinded by my headlights, in the subaru.

Either way, I don’t have my say. If anyone has a creative solution, that would be great. Color film? At the moment, the only thing I can figure out is to lower the beams a bit so I’m not constantly blinding oncoming traffic and only use my high beams at all other times. I’ve honestly avoided driving at night because it’s stressful =(
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