2023 Interior Lights – How to turn off with door open?

I’ve asked the same question. FORUM FAMILY Please Help! I have the 2022 Limited, there are 2nd and 3rd row overhead lights they call reading lights. When the doors,(not the lift gate) open the lights come on and won‘t go off till you close the doors. The map light has a door switch you can turn off. That little upside down sun on the left side switch controls only turn the lights on and off while in the vehicle. I had the Subaru tech guru check it, only to tell me its a service issue. I made an appointment with service who couldn’t answer the question either. But told me they could bring the vehicle in for two hours and check it??????
Isn’t there a simple switch somewhere to turn them off when you want to clean the inside. I don‘t want to tape the door switch. I do have the LED lights, but there are small under door lights that are not…Yet. It is frustrating that there is not answer for this.

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