2022 to 2024 Toyota Camry Outback Wilderness?

From what I’m reading in the media, both the Rav4 and Outback will be completely new redesigns in 2025, so 2024 will be the last year for the current generation of both.

You may be able to buy a 2025 model in late 2024, but we won’t know how significant the changes are until they hit the market.

But if we’re narrowing down your choices to current-generation models, 2024 Outback Wilderness vs 2024 Rav4 TRD Off-Road, the Toyota will get better fuel economy and the Subaru will have significantly more power. There was a time when the RAV4 could have a pretty powerful V6, but they no longer offer that.

The Toyota Rav4 is borderline underpowered and the Outback Wilderness is surprisingly quick. We’re talking roughly 9 seconds 0-60 vs 6 seconds.

If your Camry has a V6, then the Outback Wilderness will be quite powerful.

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