2021 Ascent whole system malfunction

I had my 2021 Ascension for a month and suddenly at a traffic signal everything went crazy, all the lights came on, the steering wheel locked and the brakes locked up, so I put it in park, turned the engine off and restarted it, everything seemed to be fine. They ten minutes later doing 50, everything goes crazy again. I lost power steering and acceleration, managed to get to the side of the road before everything shut off and wouldn’t restart.

Had it pulled up to the dealer where upon arrival it started straight up. Although while waiting for the tow truck I tried to restart the car several times with no luck.

Still waiting for the dealer to come up with a reason or solution since no error codes were detected and they have had the car for two days and have had no problems?

I’m afraid it will happen again next time, maybe going down a mountain with all my grandkids in the car (the reason I bought 8 seats in the first place)

Please advise if anyone had the same problem and what was done to correct the problem

Thank you
I bought my 2019 Limited two years ago. 13,600 miles on it now. The fuel pump was replaced with the recall campaign about 10 months ago. Two days ago, my wife and I were driving on a busy 4 lane road. Just before a major intersection the engine dies and all the signal lights go out. Luckily I was able to stop just before the intersection, but I’m still blocking the left lane of the road. Tried restarting several times. No go. Hit SOS and it started to go through and failed. By then people are angry and honking and gesticulating at me. The emergency flashers are on and the hood is up. Battery is failing fast. Flashes are dim. Finally switched to roadside assistance. It took a very long time to get a withdrawal. My wife is scared and I am trying to calm her down. The cops show up and sat behind me with their lights on until the tow showed up. Subaru Palm Springs called this morning to tell me the fuel pump is bad (again). This time they claim that some of the wiring is fried. Supposed to have the new pump tomorrow. This is a very serious safety issue that can injure or kill people. Do I keep the car and hope for the best or buy a new Kia Telluride? It has a 95 rating on Consumer Reports. The climb has a 60.

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