2020 through Current Outback Owners! Please report your model and recent gas mileage! Thank you!

I have about 400 miles on my Onyx XT so far so the motor is still broken. My average mpg on my current tank of gas is 17.5 ?

Things that affect this include:

  • Terrible stop-n-go traffic at the DMV (5 mile one-way trip takes me ~25 minutes). I actually like the start/stop feature when I’m waiting a few minutes to get through an intersection
  • The aforementioned new engine break-in period
  • Lead foot syndrome means too much prodding
  • Showing off the car to friends and family means a lot of incentive

I’m starting to notice that using paddle shifters can drastically increase your mpg. For example, if you’ve had to accelerate down a bunch to get through a light or make a tight junction, you can then shift to let the CVT know you’re not always driving it crazy.

After all, if you drive conservatively, you should probably avoid the EPA ratings. But growing up is also a lot of fun.

I have my first mini road trip (250 miles) for a wedding this weekend so should see a nice increase in mpg. Will report back!

On a side note, are there any drive modes on this vehicle (eco, sport, etc)?

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