2020 Outback XT Rear Knocking Noise on Accelerated Turns

To the 2020 Outback XT owners… for the past few months, every time i have to quickly accelerate into a turn, right or left, there is a serious “knocking” noise coming from the rear of the car. (My car has 18,000 miles.) I took the car to my local dealer and had the mechanic duplicate the problem on a road test. Their investigation pointed to the rear differential being the issue. They then tested a few other 2020 XT’s in their shop and found them to have the same problem. As of this posting (9/20), they still have my car but do not have a “fix” for it. They suggested that I not accelerate so fast… Since I live perpendicular to a very busy main road (no traffic light), I often have to accelerate quickly to get into moving traffic, so going slower isn’t always an option.

Are there any 2020 XT owners out there who have experienced this? Please post your experience, solutions, etc.

To those of you who have not experienced this issue, give it a test and post your post your findings… From a standstill position, quickly accelerate into a right or left turn.

As I continue to work with my dealer on this, I’ll post updates when anything significant developments.


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