2020 Outback Rear Seat Removal

so I tried it out and took some pictures.

@InvaderJordan , thanks for the pictures. I am especially interested in the last one that shows the cable mount there.

cables that run from the seat upper buttons to the latches

When you say upper buttons to latches, can you describe what you mean? And where this little linkage lives? For background, I’m making plans to add cargo area levers to fold down the rear seats in my fairly-new-to-me 2012. I have a friend with a 2020, and I know she has levers in the cargo area, and looking at some random dealer photos of 2020s, there does seem to be the same lever on the side near the rear door, though it looks like it’s just in a different position. (Photo of mine below – please disregard the need for a vacuum.) Is that cable in your photo running from the rear levers? Or are the upper buttons to recline the seats?

For my project, I will need to splice a second cable into a system that’s currently designed for only one. One option I figure I have is to piggy back on the solution the lovely Subaru engineers have already designed, if it would fit somewhere. The weather looks nice this weekend, so I’ll take my rear seat apart and see what things look like inside. If you (or anyone) has pictures of where/how this generation joins the two separate pulls, I’d be very appreciative!!


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