2020 Outback Alignment – rear camber can’t be adjusted?

I have a 2020 Subaru Outback with just over 50K miles. Replaced the original tires with set of 4 new Michelins. One of the old tires showed edge wear – I presume on the inside since I had not noticed it on outside when I checked tires before replacing them. Got tires at Discount Tire but they were unable to do an alignment because they said Subaru had not given them the code to reset the eyesight system.

So I went to Subaru dealer where I bought the car to get an alignment. I did not look at the before and after specs until I left the dealer. The before specs showed everything was in spec except for the right rear camber. The after alignment specs showed some minor differences but still had the right rear camber out of spec (-1.45). I called the dealer service dept back and was told there is no adjustment for the rear camber. I was quite surprised by that. And also concerned since I did see extreme edge wear on the old tires – I can only assume it was that tire since everything else was within spec.

Service manager told me that many cars do not have rear camber adjustments. Can that be right?

Coincidentally I had to have body panels replaced on the right rear after I got sideswiped in a parking lot. The damage was minor and it was not a major impact so I would not have expected any frame damage but now I am wondering. The body work was done at the same dealer so I asked the Service Manager to check with them to see if anything they did could have pushed the camber out.

So questions for the group:

  • has anyone else ever encountered the rear camber being out of spec and not being adjustable?
  • could a minor sideswipe have caused this misalignment?

All perspectives appreciated.


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