2019 with 80,000 miles need exhaust pipe? Dealer can’t get the part?

why not contact SOA directly and open an issue. Ask them to personally locate the part and give you a date when it will arrive. The information you provided in the post lacks details as to whether the seller did their due diligence. If they’ve gone through all the channels to get the part and it’s not found, then it’s not their fault. Not sure why you think they are providing poor service (unless there are other issues).

Depending on the location and size of the leak, I may be concerned about fumes entering the cabin. Rate it properly. If it leaks, I will have Subaru provide a loaner until they get the part and fix it. I personally would be all over Subaru, not the dealer. If necessary, I will escalate it until they give a date. Remind them that you bought gold plus and expect great service even if they can’t get the part due to extenuating circumstances.

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