2017 Subaru Outback 3.6 R Limited… Can engine cooling fan’s really get this hot?



My Outback left my wife stranded 50 miles from home. Yes, the warranty had expired on this purchased new six-year-old with only 59,000 highway miles on her. no warning whatsoever. Anywhere, anytime, anyone. Just showing the photos for your enjoyment, and a little Caveat Emptor. The Outback has been flawless until this happened. Here are the parts involved and replaced by my own mechanic. The parts listed are from Subaru.
Engine Cooling Fan Motor x2 MSRP $250.55
Engine Cooling Fan Controller. Unit Fan Control. x2 MSRP $156.62
Engine Cooling Fan Shroud. Shroud Radiator. MSRP $103.48
Engine Cooling Fan Blade (Right) MSRP $78.80
Engine Cooling Fan Blade (Left) MSRP $78.82
Air Conditioning (A/C) Condenser Fan Motor Bolt (FLANGE SCREW M5 X 11)
Engine Cooling Fan Shroud Bolt. x6 $1.14 (less 25%) $0.86 x 6

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