2016 external vibration only during downhill braking

Sounds like a problem with the brake rotors.

The brake rotor can be warped or have ‘hard spots’ on it which change the friction around its circumference.

If I noticed this vibration in my car, I would do the following to start:

  1. Verify that the lug nut torque is equal on all wheels by loosening and retightening each one.
    • Uneven torque can warp the rotors
    • Doing ONE lugnut at a time means you don’t even have to lift the vehicle off the ground.
  2. I do some hard stops from speed a few times to ‘let off the smoke’.
    • Heating the pads/rotors can help lubricate them and reduce hard spots

Both of the above cost nothing to do and may solve your ‘vibration’ problem. If the problem persists, consider new pads/rotors.

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