[2014 3.6R] What to check at ~160k miles?

Hello everybody!

I have a 2014 3.6R fully loaded (even with the scary sight…) that the wife and I bought a few years ago when it was around 100k. It was from an elderly couple who took great care of him. Not a rust spec, and the man said he personally changes the oil every 5k, along with other routine maintenance. However, nothing being repaired or “replaced” was ever mentioned, and I know that around 90-100k, Subarus like a little extra care.

I’ve done all the maintenance myself since then, along with a lot of small improvements, but I’ve been increasingly concerned with fluids. Everything is running great, but I’d really like to keep this car as long as possible, ideally 300k miles. (This is why I also change the oil every 3000 miles)

So my question is: What should definitely be changed or checked at this point?

I live in a small town with no Subi specific mechanics around so I’d just like to avoid taking it to a mechanic and saying “change and fix whatever it looks like it needs”.

All I’ve been able to come up with after reading the forums here is to have my regular mechanic change the transmission, differential and power steering fluids, along with a coolant flush and maybe checking the CV joints.

Is there anything else I should be looking at? Even just preventive maintenance to avoid premature wear of other components?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

– JD

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