2013 Outback – light switch issues since upgrading to LED’s

Hopefully someone out there can help me understand why my light switch settings on my steering column are no longer working the same as they did prior to upgrading to the LED’s. This only happens when it is out of PARK and is in DRIVE – the OFF position has bright lights that are on, the PARKING LIGHT position has bright lights both when in the high and low beam position, and the actual HEADLIGHT position does not have headlights on in the low beam position but does have bright lights when pushed out. With my old lights, I used to always run them in the HEADLIGHT position with the low beams on – had high beams when I pushed out the turn indicator. I absolutely know I used to have NO LIGHTS when I would turn the switch tree into the OFF position because I would often turn my lights off if there were deer on my gravel road to give them a chance to scoot off the road. Now, I have bright lights when I roll the switch down to the OFF position with these new LED’s. I just had my car at the dealer, and the mechanic is saying they’re all good… ya, in PARK when they tested them… yes they are, but NOT when the trans is in DRIVE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIGHTS NOW??? Does someone know???

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