2010 3.6 sluggish under load. Permanent codes. Bank 1 fire

I traded my 280k 3.6 for a 70k mile 3.6. Runs great at low acceleration. There are no lights on the dash etc. However, when climbing a hill, or putting the engine under load such as hard acceleration; the engine acts as if it has no power and overload. It will trigger cylinder misfire codes 1,3,5; and then when the RPM settles the codes stop flashing and the car resumes normal operation.

When you read the codes, I see the permanent codes P0223 (Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor High Input), P0108 (Baro Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor High Input), P0113 (Intake Temperature Sensor High Input intake air), P0102 (Mass air flow circuit or low intake volume)

I cleared every land I have; checked the wires for resistance.
I did a choke relearn
I checked all over the engine bay for a vacuum leak

I did a live data drive with the cruise set to 50 and noticed that all the above sensors are reading and showing the correct values ​​and fluctuations with acceleration. What I noticed is that under load, my fuel trims are up to 35% off each other in opposite directions from 0, which is obviously when the misfires are detected in bank 1. What would cause this? All the sensors in question are either new; or their data has been checked and read well; however no matter what i continue to have these 4 permanent codes.

Thanks guys in advance; sorry for the long post.

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