2008 Front Suspension work, parts and brands (control arms, ball join, struts / coil springs, end links)

Pro tip- replace struts in pairs. It’s much safer to do that, no mismatched handling.

I was afraid someone would say that lol

Could it cause any damage to the drive train etc? I can’t afford to do both right now, and I dont’ want to drive with a busted coil spring for very long. Best I could do is replace just the 1 strut right now (leave the end link, maybe save $50 on labour max to do em together but it’s no big deal), and in the Fall / Winter, replace the other strut with the same brand when I swap out the ball joint. Max I’d put on 5,000 km with the mismatched struts…

super open to warnings / guidance that this is a terrible idea, if it is

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