2007 Outback 2.5 SOHC mystery

Hokay, this is quite the mystery engine problem. I’m pretty handy but never an expert.

So 2.5 sohc motor stalls at idle but only when idling for a very long time and more noticeable and sooner when the ambient temperature is hot out. Leads me to believe it is related to engine bay temperature. Moving down the highway you never have a problem but if you get stuck in stop and go traffic it’s unbearable. During winter if I let it sit and idle for and hour+ it will start doing it. It starts back up after stall, increased rpms over 2k it’ll keep running smoothly but will eventually start trying more to stall back out . Car sits for a hour or so and starts right back up acts normal again for a while.

Neutral has no effect on it (ruling out torque converter I believe).

The new things that havent changed the problem:
o2 sensors
Headgaskets with proper decking and install
Egr valve
Throttle body swapped from our other car (that doesn’t have the problem, both work the same after swap)
Timing belt
Water pump
Vvt valves
Fuel pump
Temp sensor
Probably other stuff
No change in problem.

Fuel pressure is solid and steady
Vaccume pressure stays solid and doesn’t leak down after stall from the obd reader.

Have a junkyard ecu just need to program the keys for and that’s my next item

May try to swap a whole intake assembly with injectors out of the junk yard just to see if the problem changes

Obviously I’m not getting any codes or cel

If anyone has ideas I would appreciate it lol it’s a good body and good power so I’d like to keep the motor I have in it (especially since I’m in deep on parts)

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