2004 H6 LL Bean, just had many repairs, looking to start building

New to the forum but been lurking for a while! So I’ve had my 04 H6 for about 4 years now, 123k miles. The following work has just been completed:
– New fenders all around, New Front Rotors, Reversed Rear Rotors
-Cat Converter heat shield tap adjacent to adjust the noise
-Replaced front CV axles (boots were torn and axles were suspect)
-Rear differential service
– The oil cooler gasket has been replaced
-Electrical gremlin chased (wound up being a bad cell in the battery after replacing the alternator with a reman 4 times)
-New tires (5x 215/65r16 General Grabber AT/X’s)
-Oil change (5w30 synth)+ Air filter
-Valve cover gasket leak diagnosed with 2/5 severity, will be under oil level watch

So, throwing so much into it lately, I think I’m in it for the long haul. I do a lot of off-pavement driving on forest roads (mainly the Weyerhauser roads here in WA state). The first things I want to address include:
-Providing a 5th wheel for the full size spare will add to the roll
-Setting to inflate the 5th tire for storage in the spare bay or to carry it in a roof basket
-Polishing the headlight housing (did it a few years ago, but now it’s worse than ever)
-Finding an affordable quality lift kit that doesn’t involve changing a lot of suspension components (probably won’t be able to do the job myself due to knowledge)
-Deciding where to go with the build after considering these things.

I just wanted to post about the current status of the wagon, and I welcome any ideas/thoughts about the work I’ve done and where I plan to go with the build. Cheers and thanks for having me on the forum!

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