2003 Subaru outback VDC Brake question

^^^ditto, but not only are any of the warning lights on, but do they work to begin with?

Warning light check from 2003 Owners Manual, pages 3-10 and 3-11:

“Several of the warning and indicator lights come on momentarily and
then go out when the ignition switch is initially turned to the “ON” position.
This permits checking the operation of the bulbs.
Apply the parking brake and turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position.
The following lights come on:

“Seatbelt warning light
SRS airbag system warning light
CHECK ENGINE warning light / Malfunction indicator lamp
Charge warning light
Oil pressure warning light
AT OIL temperature warning light (AT vehicles)
ABS warning light
VDC warning light (if equipped)
VDC operation indicator light (if equipped)
VDC OFF indicator light (if equipped)
Brake system warning light

“If any lights fail to come on, it indicates a burned-out bulb or a malfunction
of the corresponding system.”

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