20 Front seat ventilation loud noise

I checked that the last thread for this was 3 years ago, so I was suggested to create a new post. There have been numerous instances of the passenger vent making a loud whirring sound when on. The dealer certainly couldn’t repeat since it’s random and it doesn’t matter if a person/things are in the seat or not. Lucky me, I have 3 videos. Took them to dealer, tech and service advisor listened and will replace BUT using my $100 rebate. I said no as I have had this problem several times and was advised to let them know when it happens again. And I was very specific that I didn’t expect my warranty to have to cover it even if after 36K since this happened before 36K. Problem: I only have 3 POST 36K videos. Any written documentation would be with my car in the glove box or the previous service tech would write it up as I requested but he?? Regardless, in research I found that there was a new blower unit installed on 19-20 Ascents, but starting with certain VIN numbers. I don’t know how to tell if my VIN was before or after lol!
Any help or feedback is appreciated. I have had so many problems between my 19 Limited and this 20 Touring. I just want to love my Subie:(Front Seat Vent Motors – 2019-2020 Subaru Ascent

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