1998 Outback Legacy 2.5L DOHC manual Stumbles and Dies After Being Driven Then Shutoff Half Hour Or More



The car used to always run at temp gauge 1/3 of the way up, now is halfway up and no more. Running heater (Hot) will not bring it down. Instrument cluster replaced 3yrs ago – mechanic said gauges were tested. Same mechanic replaced front axles 2 months ago. Soon after that the car began dying at stop signs, and Lights (only after being warmed up by driving). If engine shut off for 1/2 hour or so, the problem is sure to occur. Car stumbles when climbing a small incline, dies underway. Dies/stumbles when accelerating into 50mph range even before I get it into 5th gear. Before this “dying” problem ever occurred – over the past 2 years the car would flash check engine if I ever did not get it into 5th gear before reaching 50MPH. The only codes ever stored was “CYL 03 misfire” and “CYL 04 misfire” I would clear these and no further problems – sometimes codes cleared on their own. Now NO CHECK ENGINE ever flashes, no stored codes when the car stumbles, dies. ALSO: the car will restart easily after each “dying” incident.

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