’08 OB Grinding from front drive side wheel when parking/accelerating

My mechanic did a thorough inspection and the only things found that needed replacing were the lower control arm and ball joint.
Since they were replaced I have not had any problems with deflection or control.
However, at high speeds (above 60~mph) it feels like the car is rocking (like a boat) which I would think means the sway bar is bad?

The jerking/grinding stops while driving as soon as I get going. There is still some noise when accelerating, but not as loud as accelerating from a complete stop, or lower speeds (up to about 20 mph)

I paid more attention on the drive from work today, and the reverse only makes the noise when I turn right.

Also, the pavement around my front wheel was wet where I parked my car today. It wasn’t there when I parked, and the rest of the part was dry, which means I have some sort of fluid leak.

I also noticed a smell. I’m sure it was some kind of liquid, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It smelled like motor oil, and coolant?

This is my first car, bought late last May, so I’m still figuring things out as I go.

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