’06 XT – Replacing turbo oil drain without removing turbo?

With a NEW hose that is flexible, you should be able to get the hose replaced with the downpipe removed. IF the hose adaptor gasket on the turbo is leaking, that’s a bit of a chore.

A long reach 90° needle nose pliers helps maneuver the hose.

As long as the exhaust cams’ actuators were left set in the neutral position, the 255 base tune will work. For more kick, the ROM will need work.

If you have the software and cable, I have a ROM that will work as a starter. It may need tweeking for knock depending on how well your engine is running. Changes wastegate, boost, fueling, APP/Throttle correlations, minor AVCS, deletes air pump, and forces readiness monitors to Ready on first Key ON.

Or, you can copy your ROM and send it to me, or make it available on Google Drive, and I can manipulate it and send it back.

I’ve done 2.0 engines to get 23-25 mpg, others to hit 18 psi, mpgs be damned.

The other option for the tune is to make a weekend trip to S Austin.

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